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Will Climate Change Sink Florida? w/ Dr. Michael Mann

Thom Hartmann Program – Apr 13. 2023 #MoreFromThom #DrMichaelMann #ClimateChange Rising temperatures could melt enough ice to sink the southern coast of Florida into the Atlantic ocean…and that might just be a BEST case scenario.

Stronger & Wetter: Michael Mann on How Climate Change Makes Storms Worse & Why We Must Cut Emissions

Sep 19, 2022 Climate Week kicks off this week in New York City as more than 150 world leaders gather for the U.N. General Assembly and as Hurricane Fiona rips through Puerto Rico, Typhoon Nanmadol slams southern Japan, and Typhoon … Continue reading

Has the Fossil Fuel Era Ended? (w/ Dr. Michael Mann)

Thom Hartmann Program– Apr 20, 2022 With the war in Ukraine, has the fossil fuel era ended? Solar and winds are increasing by 20% year on year. Carbon emissions have flatlined, which is good news, due to a larger share … Continue reading

“This Isn’t a Natural Disaster”: Climate Scientist Michael Mann on Deadly To rnadoes in 8 States

13 Dec 2021 At least 100 people are feared dead after 30 deadly tornadoes devastated towns in eight states, from Kentucky to Arkansas, in a supercell thunderstorm that raged more than 200 miles, leaving behind scenes some compared to a … Continue reading

Climate Change | Today with Claire Byrne & Michael Mann – RTÉ Radio 1

Michael Mann, Professor and Director at the Earth System Science Center (ESSC), Pennsylvania State University

Living on Earth: The Climate Emergency Warning from Extreme Weather | Michael Mann – Climate Change As a slew of extreme weather events hits the headlines, the evidence of climate disruption is undeniable. Michael Mann, professor of atmospheric science at Penn State University and author of The New Climate War warns we are headed for … Continue reading

Climate Change | Floods, Fires & Heat Waves: Michael Mann on the New Climate War & the Fight to Take Back the Planet

Democracy Now! Published on Jul 16, 2021 We speak with leading climate scientist Michael Mann about the catastrophic impact of the climate crisis around the world. He says he and other scientists predicted the extreme weather events now wreaking havoc. … Continue reading

Climate Change’s Fire Season Could Keep You Inside All Summer (w/ Dr. Michael Mann)

Thom Hartmann Program – Apr 6, 2021 Climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann joined Thom to discuss what, if anything, can be done. Dr. Michael Mann is a distinguished Professor of Meteorology & Director, Earth System Science Center-Penn State University / … Continue reading

The New Climate War (w/ Dr. Michael Mann)

Thom Hartmann Program Published on Jan 22, 2021 What challenges do we currently face on climate change and are we now closer to achieving the action which has been sought for so long? The new Biden administration has seen the … Continue reading

This Moment in Climate With Michael Mann and Leah Stokes

Climate One Started streaming 4 minutes ago Climate change was a leading issue for more voters in 2020 than any other election year. With a promising new pro-science, pro-climate action administration coming in 2021, there are more pathways — and … Continue reading