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In King Leopold’s Steps: The Oakland Institute

March 16, 2021 Media Contact: Anuradha Mittal, amittal; +1 510-530-5126 Forcibly displaced by Belgian colonial authorities in 1911 to establish oil palm plantations, the Lokutu, Yaligimba, and Boteka communities in the DRC remain afflicted with widespread hunger and poverty, amidst … Continue reading

Leopold Jaroslav Pospisil | The Ethnologist

Prof. PhDr. JUDr. Leopold Jaroslav Pospisil, Ph.D. DSc. Leopold Jaroslav Pospisil is a well-known professor of comparative law, who has held an influential position at Yale University for more than two decades. Leopold Pospisil is one of the pioneers and … Continue reading

Leopold II of Belgium: Racism, Slavery, and Genocide in the Congo

King Leopold II – Death in the Congo

Black Death in the Congo King Leopold II of Belgium

King Leopold’s Ghost – Trailer

Journeyman Pictures Published on Aug 23, 2016 The unbelievable story of Congo’s brutal history with its Belgian colonisers Global Climate Change Environment Ethics Environment Justice

Sandhill cranes near the Leopold Shack, December 2015

LeopoldFoundation Published on Dec 11, 2015 Every fall, thousands of sandhill cranes use the sandbars and islands in the Wisconsin River for staging prior to migration. Seeing and hearing these spectacular congregations of birds is an absolutely incredible experience. The … Continue reading

Leopold Education Project

PheasantsForever Uploaded on Feb 7, 2008 The Leopold Education Project (LEP) is an innovative, interdisciplinary, critical thinking, conservation and environmental education curriculum based on the classic writings of the renowned conservationist, Aldo Leopold.The Leopold Education Project teaches the public about … Continue reading

Sacred Commons – The teachings of Aldo Leopold

Edward Homer Uploaded on Jan 23, 2012 Father Charles Brandy reflects on the teachings of Aldo Leopold. Environmental Justice Environment Ethics

Aldo Leopold

Arizona GameAndFish Published on May 24, 2012 Aldo Leopold, the father of modern game management and the Wilderness system had his first duty assignment with the Forest Service right here in AZ. This story takes a look at the things … Continue reading