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Kevin Anderson on Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything”

Marc Hudson Published on Oct 14, 2014 Professor Kevin Anderson, interviewed on Tuesday 14th October about Naomi Klein’s new book “This Changes Everything” Advertisements

Kevin Anderson: “Outside chance of 2ºC”

Kevin Anderson RIA Presentation (with slides)

justmultimedia Published on Mar 15, 2016 Implementation of the COP21 Paris Agreement, a scientific perspective WHEN: Thursday, March 10, 2016 – 18:00 WHERE: Academy House, 19 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 Professor Kevin Anderson will give an intimate talk on the … Continue reading

Kevin Anderson: Delivering on 2 degrees #IPCC #Paris #COP21 ClimateState Published on Sep 13, 2016 As part of the ‘Delivering on 2 degrees’ talks and debate evening organised by the Carbon Neutral University Network, Kevin talks about the Paris Agreement within the background of Climate Science and what … Continue reading

Climate Change: Triumph & Tragedy in Paris: Prof Kevin Anderson (March 2016)

Understanding Climate Change Published on Aug 1, 2016 Fair Use: Educational (March 2016 Presentation) Global Climate Change Environment Ethics Environment Justice

Kevin Anderson on The Unforgiving Math For Staying Under 2 Degrees

The Elephant Published on Feb 15, 2016 In the Paris accord, 195 countries agreed that they would collectively keep average global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees. But what does science have to say on how fast, and by … Continue reading

Kevin Anderson – Delivering on 2°C: evolution or revolution?

Earth101 Published on Sep 11, 2015 With fourteen of the fifteen warmest years on record having occurred since the year 2000; with oceans both warming and acidifying; and with unequivocal scientific evidence that burning fossil fuels is the principal cause … Continue reading

Kevin Anderson – The Ostrich or the Phoenix? … dissonance or creativity in a changing climate

Earth101 Published on Aug 23, 2015 Many scientists and policy-makers continue to claim it is possible, albeit challenging, to contain the global increase in mean surface temperature at or below 2°C relative to preindustrial levels. However, despite the increasingly vociferous … Continue reading

Dr. Hugh Hunt & Professor Kevin Anderson discussing Climate Change realities

Nick Breeze Published on Dec 20, 2015… In this spontaneous conversation between two of Britain’s most vocal scientists on climate change and engineering, we see a frank analysis of the details that bely inconvenient truths for each one us. … Continue reading

Kevin Anderson: Cabot Institute Annual Lecture 2012

Published on Nov 22, 2012 by ihmbristol Cabot Institute Annual Lecture 2012 Real clothes for the Emperor: Facing the challenges of climate change Kevin Anderson, Professor of Energy and Climate Change, University of Manchester Cabot Institute University of Bristol … Continue reading