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Day 2 John Todd

Biodiversity for a Livable Climate Published on Dec 5, 2016

John Todd Ecological Design

We envision a world in which natural treatment systems are at the heart of our industries and cities and reintegrate human life back into the biological cycle. Global Climate Change Environment Ethics Environment Justice

Dr. John Todd – Founder, John Todd Ecological Design on Eco-Machines

John Todd Ecological Design Uploaded on Feb 8, 2009 In this short video, produced in conjunction with Bruce Weaver, and John Todd Ecological Design, Dr. John Todd talks about Eco-Machines and his philosophy for whole system design. Global … Continue reading

Ecomachine with Dr. John Todd

Bruce Weaver Uploaded on Dec 26, 2007 EcoMachine – As we face a future in which clean water will become less and less accessible, we must re-evaluate our wastewater treatment systems and develop them into more earth-based processes that utilize … Continue reading

John Todd – The Ecological Design Revolution | Bioneers

Bioneers Published on Dec 19, 2014 In this lyrical exploration, John Todd shares the essential principles of ecological design and reveals how mimicking nature’s forms and processes can lead to breakthrough design. He reveals the design secrets behind his award-winning … Continue reading

John Todd Living Machines Lecture

richfishpgh Published on Feb 16, 2013 World renowned ecologist JOHN TODD presents a lecture on LIVING MACHINES: ECOLOGICAL TREATMENT OF SEWAGE, Nov. 7, 2002, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pa sponsored by Sustainable Pittsburgh. Vistit for more info. on this eloquent … Continue reading

The Final Lecture: Dr. John H Todd on Planetary Healing & Ecological Design

GundInstitute Uploaded on Dec 16, 2010 This video features the final lecture of the ecological design course, NR 288, taught by Dr. John H Todd on Thursday 12/9/2010. Todd is Research Professor in the School of Natural Resources, a Distinguished … Continue reading

Moving to Higher Ground: Rising Sea Level and the Path Forward: John Englander, Sir David King

Ice on land is melting, and sea level is rising, both at astonishing rates never seen in recorded history. Are you, your property, investments, and family ready for these unprecedented changes? Read Moving to Higher Ground and… Learn how Sea … Continue reading

Whole Foods’ John Mackey on Amazon Merger: ‘A Meeting of the Souls.’

ReasonTV Mar 30, 2018 Reason’s Nick Gillespie sits down with Whole Foods CEO John Mackey to discuss the Whole Foods merger with Amazon. Reason is the planet’s leading source of news, politics, and culture from a libertarian perspective. Go to … Continue reading

John Carlos Frey: America’s Deadly Stealth War on the Mexico Border Is Approaching Genocide

Democracy Now! Published on Jul 10, 2019 John Carlos Frey’s new book, “Sand and Blood: America’s Stealth War on the Mexico Border,” chronicles how the U.S.-Mexico border became a war zone through decades of deadly bipartisan immigration policy. But it … Continue reading