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Rekindling the Radical Imagination – Arundhati Roy Chomsky, March 21, 2010

elmagnoonPublished on May 24, 2010

Arundhati Roy CLASSIC Interview: AUSSIE SHOW~~ Enough Rope (2004)

ProjectDystopia Published on Nov 9, 2011 Arundhati Roy is interviewed on Australia’s Enough Rope in 2004, before accepting the Sydney Peace Prize. See related talks and interviews by Arundhati Roy:

Arundhati Roy Latest speech

Shruti TV Published on May 26, 2016 Arundhati Roy Latest speech

Arundhati Roy with Anthony Arnove, Conversation, 3 May 2017

Lannan Foundation Published on May 4, 2017 Arundhati Roy in conversation with Anthony Arnove. This event is part of the Lannan Foundation’s In Pursuit of Cultural Freedom series. You can find more videos at

Arundhati Roy says Capitalism is not working for masses (BBC Newsnight)

Radical Conversations Published on Jan 14, 2015 Dated 2014-11-19. Links to her books. Capitalism a ghost story… Annihilation of Caste: The Annotated Critical Edition…

Disappearing World Forum Q&A Session with Arundhati Roy, held at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS

Arundhati Roy beautifully describes what she loves about India

Arundhati Roy explains why India is a corporate, upper caste state

Excerpt: Arundhati Roy – Global War Economies Need A World Constantly at War

The Laura Flanders Show Published on Jun 29, 2018 The problem with obsessing over Donald Trump is that it makes us oblivious to the system that produced him, says author, Arundhati Roy. We live in a world where governments subsist … Continue reading

Bodies, Borders, Resistance, Rebirth: Arundhati Roy

The Laura Flanders Show Published on Jun 27, 2018 India in the throes of a fascism that echoes what we have in America. The country is undergoing a political upheaval with PM Modi at its front, and fueled by increased … Continue reading