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Abrupt Climate System Change Mayhem | Climate Change

Paul Beckwith– Jul 18, 2021 Abrupt Climate System Change Mayhem Temperatures in Lytton, BC set new consecutive records recently on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and then on Thursday wildfires burned the town to the ground. Torrential rains leading to … Continue reading

Amid mayhem, world energy leaders say they have no climate change plan

RT America Published on Jul 23, 2021 RT Correspondent Trinity Chavez reports on the climate mayhem disrupting life in the US, Russia, China, and Germany. Given the urgency, why did a climate change summit among the world’s richest countries fail … Continue reading

Time’s Up: Climate CHANGED

RT America Published on Jul 23, 2021 National Geographic’s latest survey says nearly half of us now have a heightened fear of climate change. Following a year of devastating wildfires, grisly floods, and rolling blackouts – is it time to … Continue reading

Climate Change | Extreme Weather Is ‘New Normal’ Thanks To Decades Of Climate Inaction

MSNBC Published on Jul 21, 2021 “Extreme temperatures and extreme weather events like this are the new normal—a new normal that has been brought to us by decades of climate inaction,” says Chris Hayes.

Climate Change Workshop: Welcome and Talk The Challenges of Generation 1 5C

Rhodes Trust – May 12, 2017

Rhodes Trust – Climate Change Workshop 2017

Rhodes Trust – May 12, 2017 Rhodes Trust – May 12, 2017   Audience question from T. C. Weiskel, New Hampshire, Balliol, 1969 Rhodes Trust – May 12, 2017 See related: “Just take the case of agriculture…”

Manufacturing Catastrophe | Climate Change: Why we can’t trust mainstream media | Climate & Capitalism

Q: What’s the problem with mainstream media? A: Mainstream media outlets are (subsidiaries of) for-profit corporations acting in the system of capitalism. Therefore, their central objective is to maximize quarterly gain for their shareholders, the majority of which are multibillion-dollar … Continue reading

Climate Change | Intense Heat Wave Raises Questions About Future of U.S. Energy System

NBC News – Jun 30, 2021 Scorching temperatures paired with the droughts pummeling the western United States are exposing how future extreme weather events could push a thinly stretched power system to the brink

Climate change: Scientists are worried by how fast the crisis has amplified extreme weather – CNN

(CNN)Until recently, climate change had been talked about as a future threat. Its frontlines were portrayed as remote places like the Arctic, where polar bears are running out of sea ice to hunt from. Sea level rise and extreme drought … Continue reading

Climate Change | What the megadrought means to the American West

CBS Sunday Morning -Jul 18, 2021 Farmers dependent upon water from river systems in the American West are seeing massive cuts in their supply, as reservoirs drop to their lowest levels due to the worst drought to hit the region … Continue reading