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BBC World Service – Newshour, Will climate change be a US election issue? As fires continue to rage across the west coast of the United States, the blazes have become a political issue with Joe Biden citing them as an example of the Trump administration failure to grapple with climate change, while … Continue reading

The diet that helps fight climate change

Vox Dec 12, 2017 You don’t have to go vegan to fight climate change. Research shows that small changes to our diets can make big differences. Climate Lab is produced by the University of California in partnership with Vox. Hosted … Continue reading

Climate change: Power companies ‘hindering’ move to green energy – BBC News

By Matt McGrath Environment correspondent 1 September 2020 New research suggests that power companies are dragging their feet when it comes to embracing green energy sources such as wind and solar. Only one in 10 energy suppliers globally has prioritised … Continue reading

Melting arctic ice fuels climate change and extreme weather events | DW News

DW News Published on Aug 7, 2020 Global climate change is perhaps most clearly visible at the cold top and bottom of the globe. The arctic has been warming up for years – and now, the warnings of experts and … Continue reading

Confronting Climate Change: What’s Needed, What’s Feasible, What’s Achievable?

The Whole Truth with David Eisenhower Jul 19, 2020 The Whole Truth with David Eisenhower The Earth is warming. The climate is changing. In the wake of the growth of human population and human economic development, carbon levels in the … Continue reading

Responding to Abrupt Climate Change with Guy R. McPherson

The Real Truth About Health May 15, 2018 The Great Dying wiped out at least 90% of the species on Earth due to an abrupt rise in global-average temperature about 252 million years ago. The vast majority of complex life … Continue reading

Tom Rand: Can Capitalism Stop Climate Change?

The Agenda with Steve Paikin Published on Aug 13, 2020 Some argue that abandoning capitalism entirely could save the planet. Others, that we can preserve the status quo and tinker around the edges. Environmentalist Tom Rand thinks both are wrong … Continue reading

How Has COVID-19 Affected Climate Change?

VOA News Apr 29, 2020 From Boston to Washington, DC, levels of nitrogen dioxide, one form of air pollution, are down by roughly 30% compared with the previous five years, according to NASA satellite data. Worldwide, skies have been clearer … Continue reading

Rep. Joe Neguse Talks Combating Climate Change | NowThis

NowThis News Published on Jul 26, 2020 ‘The fight to save our planet couldn’t be more urgent.’ — Representative Joe Neguse has a plan to decarbonize the U.S. by 2050.

Recover Better Together – Global Lecture on Climate Change

United Nations Jul 23, 2020 Video message by António Guterres, Secretary-General of the UN, on the global lecture on climate change – recover better together. Dear Friends, We are all living through a global crisis like no other. The COVID-19 … Continue reading