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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Testifies Before Congress About Artificial Intelligence

TIME May 16, 2023

The head of the artificial intelligence company that makes ChatGPT testified before Congress on Tuesday and advocated for a government agency that would license the most powerful AI systems and have the authority to “take that license away and ensure compliance with safety standards.”

AI Expert: We Urgently Need Ethical Guidelines & Safeguards to Limit Risk of Artificial Intelligence

Democracy Now! May 18, 2023 Latest Shows

In a dramatic hearing Tuesday, the CEO of the startup behind ChatGPT warned Congress about the dangers of artificial intelligence — his company’s own product. We discuss how to regulate AI and establish ethical guidelines with Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Center for AI and Digital Policy. “We don’t have the expertise in government for the rapid technological change that’s now taking place,” says Rotenberg.

“By Any Means Necessary”: Watch Malcolm X’s Speech on Racism & Self-Defense at Audubon Ballroom

Democracy Now! May 19, 2023 Latest Shows

Malcolm X was born 98 years ago today, on May 19, 1925, and assassinated at age 39 on February 21, 1965, as he spoke before a packed audience in the Audubon Ballroom in New York City. We end today’s show remembering his life and legacy with an excerpt of a speech Malcolm X gave at the Audubon Ballroom about half a year earlier called “By Any Means Necessary.” Transcript: https://www.democracynow.org/2023/5/1…

French Ambassador Says France Is Not Responsible For Suffering In African Nations

African Diaspora News Channel Premiered 80 minutes ago

@ondirooganga reports on the French ambassador stating that France is not to blame for conditions in African nations.

China Matters Oration | Kevin Rudd AC

UQ Humanities and Social Sciences Feb 16, 2023

China Matters and The University of Queensland were pleased to host the inaugural China Matters Oration delivered by the Honourable Dr Kevin Rudd AC on Wednesday 16 February 2023. Dr Rudd, one the world’s leading authorities on China discusses the trajectory of the PRC as President Xi Jinping embarks on his third five-year term in office and what this means for Australia and the world. 00:00 China Matters Oration delivered by the Honourable Dr Kevin Rudd AC 00:34:32 Q&A moderated by Ms Linda Jakobson, Founding Director of China Matters

Modern Marvels: The EXPLOSIVE Power of Nuclear Tech (S10, E25) | Full Episode

HISTORY, May 20. 2023


Nuclear research ranges from well-known applications, such as bombs and reactors, to little-known uses in medicine, food preparation, and radiation detection. See more in Season 10, Episode 25, “Nuclear Tech.”