BBC World Service – Newsday, Dire warning on global warming from the United Nations

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The world is getting hotter and hotter – with disastrous consequences – we go to two places already feeling the effects of unpredictable and devastating weather events: Myanmar, recovering from a cyclone, and India, which is concerned about rising temperatures and uncertain levels of rainfall.

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Considering the world-wide ramifications of climate disasters and their impact on the environment, agriculture, water supplies, and the increased probability of global pandemics it is not difficult to understand that the rapidly changing climate will accentuate the global “North-South” divide and aggravate the sense of grievance about who “owes” what to whom.

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Will international institutions be able to keep pace with the ways in which the world’s poorest nations are being affected both directly and indirectly by global climate change?  What will happen to the notion of “debt” in this regard?

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