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Inside Nigeria’s Violent Pirate Swamplands | Developing News

VICE News – Apr 26, 2023

Ed Kashi has spent 40 years on the edge of life, in some of the most deadly and polluted places in the world.

Committed to social justice and the power of images to transform opinions, he shares with us some of his most powerful photographs from Nigeria, Iraq and Nicaragua. He is a member of the prestigious Vii Photographic Agency.

Why Child Labor in America is Skyrocketing | Robert Reich

Robert Reich – May 16, 2023

Corporations are now using the “labor shortage” as an excuse to bring back child labor.

It’s part of a horrifying trend: Since 2015, child labor violations have risen nearly 300%.

Are corporate profits really more important than the safety of children?

We Are Many: Global Feb. 15 2003 Protests Didn’t Stop Iraq War, But May Have Changed the World

Democracy Now!
Nov 6, 2015
Up to 30 million people in nearly 800 cities rocked the globe on February 15, 2003, in antiwar rallies against the looming U.S. invasion of Iraq, making it the largest coordinated protest in history. And while the first U.S. bombs would hit Baghdad weeks later, a new documentary argues that the protests weren’t just a one-day historical feat, but a spark that changed the world forever. The new documentary “We Are Many” tells the story of that historic day of protest and how it’s helped shape global political movements ever since. We are joined by the film’s director and producer, Amir Amirani.

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