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An Introduction to IIIF

Open Preservation Foundation Apr 29, 2022

The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) is revolutionising access to digital objects of cultural heritage, by providing a standard for viewers and servers to implement. Hundreds of institutions (including many European National Libraries) are making their collections available using the new standard. As well as reducing costs of implementation, the emergence of IIIF for publishing digital objects (digitised books, maps, manuscripts, archives, artworks) is driving innovation and opening up new research possibilities for annotation, crowdsourcing and machine learning across collections. Speaker: Tom Crane, Digirati

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One giant leap: For space librarians & accessible data

May 10, 2023 AGU Podcast: Third Pod From The Sun

When it comes to data archiving, Michele Thornton has you covered. As a Geospatial Data Professional for ORNL-DAAC, Michele ensures that NASA-funded research is accessible not only to researchers out in the field but to a larger user community – archival work that is vital for future researchers. She talks with us about how Jacques-Yves Cousteau inspired her love of science and how her field work as a graduate student has influenced her appreciation of the field data she works with daily. This episode was produced by Zoe Swiss and Shane M Hanlon, and mixed by Collin Warren. Artwork by Karen Romano Young. Interview conducted by Ashely Hamer. Listen to more episodes on your favorite podcasting app or from https://thirdpodfromthesun.com/