Eko Atlantic City Project | The New $6 Billion African Megacity In The Sea

Builds Of Gold Jan 27, 2023 #africa #megaprojects #megacity

Eko Atlantic City Project | The New $6 Billion African Megacity In The Sea

Imagine an African’s Manhattan, an Atlantic-like metropolis City rising from the sea, how does it sound? Non-materialistic? Dreamy, right? But it’s now a reality. One country in Africa is about to change the concept and is building its own urban development center from scratch, which we will be exploring in this video.

According to the latest news, the world’s second-most populous continent, Africa, is building a new city on the sea. Eko Atlantic city officially known as Nigeria International Commerce City will be an enchanting city in Lagos State, Nigeria. With an expected worth of 6 billion dollars, the core of this planned city will be built on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean.

Before we go deep into the video, let’s talk about the background of Eko Atlantic City. According to the reports, before taking the initiative for the project, Eko Atlantic City was a beach on the Atlantic Ocean along the seacoast of Lagos, situated on Victoria Island. Once the country’s capital, Lagos was the most popular beach in Africa. During the military regime, Bar Beach was a site where many declared armed robbers and coup plotters were beheaded. The first execution for armed robbery in Nigeria also took place at this beach in 1971. In the 90s, other executions included Williams Alders Oyazimo, Dr. Oyenusi, Joseph Ilobo, and Lawrence Anini.

With time, Bar Beach has gained a reputation for overflowing its banks and asserting lives and property. The Ahmadu Bello Way, the road closest to the beach’s banks, was closed many times for safety reasons. According to some surveys, the beachfront was eroded annually along Bar Beach eight and fourteen meters.

In 2003, it was discussed publicly to build a modern city, now known as Eko Atlantic City, on the reclaimed land of Bar Beach. According to the shared plans, this city would be a business and residential district equal to the size of Manhattan’s skyscraper district. It would be built on 10 million square meters of land and guarded by an 8.5-kilometer-long sea wall called the Great wall of Lagos. This sand-filling process is expected to take six years.

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