Lagos State’s Efforts In Channeling Water Right For Public Use And Safety | Community Report

Channels Television Feb 10, 2023 #ChannelsTv #newsupdate #news

The city of Lagos taps its water from both surface and groundwater resources within the state. Even though Lagos seems to have sufficient water resources in terms of quantity, considering the amount of rainfall it receives, the several rivers that pass through it, a lot of lagos residents are still without potable water. One of the reasons for water scarcity is the high population growth. But if you dig deeper especially with repeated efforts to revive the moribund public water system in the state, you are likely to find myriad of issues including ruptured pipes, drying water source and epileptic power supply among others. On the episode of the programme, we spotlight the state’s efforts in channeling its water right, for public use and safety. We also touched base with one of the many communities in need of potable water.

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