British Empire

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The story of the British Empire is one of heroism, disaster and greed all mixed together.

Whether you think the British Empire was good, bad or a bit of both, the fact is that it happened and that it helped create the world that we see today.

The British Empire had many phases such as:
The American Colonies
East India Company
The Scramble for Africa

In this playlist, you will find a series of talks that I have given on a variety of subjects relating to the British Empire.

More often than not, they refer to military history such as the Zulu Wars or the First Anglo Afghan War.
But I also try to find stories about little known parts or events too.

A good example is the short video about Heligoland – The Tiny Forgotten Outpost of the British Empire.

Yes, during the reign of Queen Victoria Britain had possession of a tiny island in the North Sea off the coast of Germany.

it is a fascinating story and begs one of those “What if?” questions form alternate history.

I am planning some more exciting talks over the coming months including:
The Anglo Boer War
The Indian Mutiny (Sepoy Mutiny)
Gordon of Khartoum
The Jameson Raid

Some of my American fans have also requested talks on Britain’s American colonies, the War of Independence and the War of 1812.

If you are interested in the history of the British Empire then please subscribe to my Youtube Channel so that you don’t miss my future talks:

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