DU (Depleted Uranium) & the Worldwide Disinformation Wars: Why We Are Sleepwalking Toward Extinction

Tim Weiskel Mar 24, 2023

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Meanwhile other news stories seem to displace the importance of DU in the daily headlines.  When information is available it is often buried in the onslaught of other items that vie for our attention.  Consider, for example the position of DU issues in the news headline summary of 23 March 2023:

How important does the information about DU seem in relation to the other headlines appearing within the same week?

Overwhelmed with the magnitude of other events and global trends, the use of depleted uranium munitions in combat seems to be of relatively minor importance in the minds of many.  Nevertheless, since those who have boasted of its importance in armed combat affirm, these armaments have been used in battles from Iraq to Cosovo and now, seemingly, they are being made available to Ukrainian forces in what many see as a proxy war between Russia and the western alliance.  How long will it be before the international arms traders make these highly lethal weapons available to the Russian forces whose leaders have vowed to “respond” to what they label as an escalation of war in the Ukraine.

Public citizens and their elected representatives remain massively uninformed about the long-term and large scale implications of using these weapons.  The few that remember the impact of using these munitions in the two Iraq wars may continue to protest, but they are marginalize and effectively silenced, even as their message becomes more and more shrill.

It is little wonder that some observers — aware of these atrocities from the past and their potential re-appearance in current armed conflicts — feel that the global public is sleepwalking to extinction.

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