Putin warns UK over depleted uranium weapons – BBC News

BBC News Mar 21, 2023 #BBCNews

Russia’s President Putin has warned that if the UK goes ahead with plans to supply Ukraine with shells containing depleted uranium, then Russia will be forced “to respond”. The warning came on the second day of a visit to Moscow by China’s President Xi. Vladimir Putin told the UK that Russia would be “forced to take action accordingly” if the UK supplies the weapons. He suggested it amounted to an escalation towards the use of nuclear arms. In response the UK said depleted uranium had been used in munitions for decades and had nothing to do with nuclear weapons. Depleted uranium’s great density and mass mean it can add to the effectiveness of armour-piercing weapons. However its use is controversial as the metal is radioactive and poisonous to humans and animals. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Russia Editor Steve Rosenberg in Moscow.

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