Frigging Cyclone Freddy Blew Up Many Records – Duration; Accumulated Energy, Intensification Cycles…

Paul Beckwith – Mar 16, 2023

Believe it or not:

– Cyclone Freddy was the longest duration cyclone in history, running from Feb 6th to March 11th

– Freddy had the largest Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) on record. In fact if you add up all of the ACE values for all the hurricanes in an average full season in the North Atlantic together, the sum is less than Freddy’s ACE. What??? Yes, really…

– Freddy broke the world record for the most bouts of rapid intensification, defined as an increase in wind speed of 35 miles per hour (30 knots) in a period of 24 hours. Freddy had seven separate cycles of rapid intensification. The previous record was 4 in the northern hemisphere and 3 in the southern hemisphere

– Freddy formed off the coast of Australia, crossed the entire southern Indian Ocean and travelled more than 8000 km (4,970 miles) to make landfall in Madagascar and Mozambique. Only four storms have crossed the southern Indian Ocean from east to west

– Freddy is one of the deadliest storms in Southern Africa, and the death toll is about 400 and rising (270 number in video has been updated)

– the sea surface temperature (SST) across the entire path of Freddy was mostly over 28.5 C, and we know that anything over the threshold of 26.5 C leads to amplification of tropical storms

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