CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou on Edward Snowden: He Will Not Get a Fair Trial

Democracy Now! Feb 9, 2015 – In a broadcast exclusive interview, Democracy Now! interviews John Kiriakou, a retired CIA agent who blew the whistle on torture. In 2007, Kiriakou became the first CIA official to publicly confirm and detail the Bush administration’s use of waterboarding. He’s just been released from prison to serve the remaining three months of his 30-month sentence under house arrest, and joins us from his home in Virginia. When asked if he thinks NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden would receive a fair trial if he returns to the United States, Kiriakou responds, “Not under any circumstances. … I think the deck is stacked against him as it is against any whistleblower.”

Watch the full interview with John Kiriakou on Democracy Now!:…

See complete coverage of Edward Snowden and the NSA surveillance program:…

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