George Monbiot on Dutch farmer protests & misinformation spread by Russell Brand | Sentient Media

Sentient Media – Feb 16, 2023

#russellbrand #farmerprotest #georgemonbiot

In this conversation, George Monbiot, @theGuardian columnist, environmental campaigner and author and Sentient Media’s executive director Ana Bradley explore the nitrate crisis in The Netherlands, Dutch farmer protests and far-right conspiracy theories being spread by Russell Brand and other influencers.

Listen to the interview here: https://sentient-media-podcast.simple…

Watch George Monbiot debunk Russell Brand’s far-right farming conspiracy theories: • George Monbiot de…

Chapters: 00:00 Introduction to Russell Brand’s viral video 1:20 Monbiot explains the argument Brand is repeating and why it’s wrong 11:18 Why do people latch onto conspiracy theories? 13:33 Connection between the farming industry and the far right 15:10 Cattle ranching’s involvement in the capitol riot in the U.S. and the attack on Brasilia 19:06 Losing credibility and gaining followers 21:08 What could the Dutch government done to avoid outrage? 23:05 Where should we be putting our energy? 24:34 Closing remarks

Links and references:… • NEW TRUCKERS PROT………… @GridNews… @NBCNews……… @POLITICO……… @guardiannews……… • Dutch farmers ang… • Tackling Dutch ag…

#russellbrand #georgemonbiot #farmerprotest

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