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California hit with historic winter weather

NBC News – Feb 25, 2023




The golden state is facing heavy snow and, in some areas, nearly an entire month’s worth of torrential rain in two days. From flood rescues to strong wind gusts creating blizzard-like conditions to Los Angeles even experiencing its first blizzard warning in 30 years, the region is experiencing winter weather on all fronts. The weather system is now headed east toward Oklahoma City, Wichita, and Kansas City.

Traditional farming guides sustainable food production

CGTN America _ Feb 25, 2023



Thelonoius Cook’s farm in eastern Virginia carries on traditions from Africa. He uses sustainable farming practices he learned while working in Tanzania and Mozambique, techniques like using cover crops to restore the soil and planting certain crops to detract pests. His farm uses only non-toxic methods to grow food, avoiding all fertilizers and pesticides.

“Doing regenerative type practices also allows you to work yourself out of a job because the soil is starting to improve,” Cook said. “So it eventually clicks and it starts to respond, and then your plants start to respond, and then you start to get better tasting food.”