[From the Ticknor Society] “The Collector’s Corner” – Book Collecting at the End of Empire

Excerpts from a presentation offered to the Ticknor Society of Boston http://www.ticknor.org

For further information on the work and accomplishments of Chao Tayiana Maina see:
Visible Histories, Invisible Data: Documenting the Histories of Migrated Objects and Archives in Africa

African Digital Heritage)
This African Digital Heritage website contains the excellent video documentary by Deutsche Welle.
See also: https://africandigitalheritage.org/chao-tayiana-maina/ )


Museum of British Colonialism – MBC

Open Access to Information on Restitution

as well as:
Chao Tayiana – Digital skills for Kenya’s cultural heritage sector



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See related topics concerning “who owns history,?” what constitutes the “legitimate history” of empire? How can se bound the “peoples’ story?”, etc…


* * *

Historical maps and the books they come from underscore the centuries-old crises of coastal settlement in Africa that have become increasingly acute through the successive periods of African history since the 1480s.  From the age of the slave trade itself, to the era of so-called “legitimate” commerce, the period of colonial rule and the most recent stage of African political “independence” the continent of Africa has demonstrated to the world that humankind is in grave danger of the global changes underway in Earth’s changing climate.


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