Course: Introduction to Regenerative Economics – CAPITAL INSTITUTE


New Cohort Begins: March 13, 2023

“I would bet that if we make this transformation the way I hope we do, the institutions won’t look anything like they do today.” – John Fullerton

The Capital Institute is offering a third edition of its online course, Introduction to Regenerative Economics: New Ways of Seeing, Thinking, Being, and Managing for the 21st Century starting on March 13, 2023, hosted by John Fullerton and featuring 30+ thought leaders from around the globe. The aim of this course is to reimagine economics based on a living systems framework, allowing us to participate in the redesign our economy so that long term human dignity, social equity, and planetary wellness can become a reality throughout the world.

In line with this objective, this course will explore the following questions:

  • How can Regenerative Economics address the unprecedented crises, such as global warming, viral pandemics, and extreme economic disparities?
  • Does exponential and undifferentiated economic growth truly define the path to long-term prosperity?
  • What are the characteristics that define economic vitality and what are the conditions needed to deliver regenerative potential?
  • How can we identify and promote regenerative organizations within the private and public sector?
  • How do we look at macroeconomic institutions and their function through a regenerative lens?
  • What needs to be done to align our financial systems with the emergence of regenerative economies?
  • How can regenerative principles be applied to create a new leadership paradigm and new approaches to management?
  • How can we align emergent technologies to promote the regenerative paradigm?
  • How do the principles of Regenerative Economics resonate with ancient wisdom traditions?

Course: Introduction to Regenerative Economics

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