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What is the “Message” or Meaning of the “Bill Morgan” song?

What is the “Message” or Meaning of the “Bill Morgan” song?

Some unanswered questions about “Bill Morgan…” — the song.


China issues ‘No. 1 central document for 2023,’ highlights tasks on rural vitalization

CGTN Feb 13, 2023

For more: https://news.cgtn.com/news/2023-02-13… China unveiled its “No. 1 central document” for 2023 on Monday, outlining nine tasks in comprehensively promoting rural revitalization this year.

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Blackface: A cultural history of a racist art form

CBS Sunday Morning Oct 28, 2018

With the recent controversy over Megyn Kelley’s remarks in which she questioned why wearing blackface on Halloween was offensive, “Sunday Morning” contributor and WCBS anchor Maurice DuBois looks at the long and complex history of white (and even black) performers painting their faces black. For more than 100 years, minstrel shows were a popular form of entertainment on stage and film, reducing an entire race of people to stereotypes. DuBois speaks with Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Margo Jefferson, and with Eric Lott, cultural historian and professor at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, about the complicated history of a racist theatrical form.

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