Thomas Hodgkin : Morbid Anatomist and Social Activist by Rosenfeld, Louis: Good (1992) | Better World Books

ISBN 10: 0819186333 / ISBN 13: 9780819186331
Published by Madison Books, Incorporated, 1992

Hodgkin’s Disease. Most people have heard of it. Yet, very few know Thomas Hodgkin, the man, or the reason the disease was named after him. Dr. Louis Rosenfeld changes that in this searching biography of one of the most significant humanitarians of his time. His in depth, chronological history unfolds against the backdrop of the social, medical, scientific, and educational challenges that were occurring around Thomas Hodgkin in England in the nineteenth century.

Thomas Hodgkin led a life dedicated to the betterment of those around him. First and foremost a dedicated Quaker, his religious fervor ran deep and was apparent in everything he did. He actively participated in the leading social reform movements of his time. He was committed to medical practice reform and education. His opposition to slavery and the slave trade was so strong that he worked to develop settlements in Africa for freed slaves. His strong commitment to social justice for underdeveloped peoples found him fighting for American Indian’s rights when they were being threatened by the British.

Thomas Hodgkin spent his life in the relentless pursuit of equality for the underprivileged and oppressed. Despite the fact that his integrity and consistency in human rights issues were anathema to the conventional wisdom of his time, he managed to make a difference. Dr. Rosenfeld captures the true Thomas Hodgkin like no one else ever has in this extraordinary biography.

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