From Brazil to Peru, the far right is on the move in Latin America | The Marc Steiner Show

The Real News Network – Feb 8, 2023

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Between former Peruvian president Pedro Castillo being removed from office and Jair Bolsonaro’s far-right supporters in Brazil storming the halls of government in a January 6-style coup attempt, the pitched battle for political power in Latin American states is intensifying more with each passing day. What is driving these insurgent rightwing movements across the continent? What international forces are connecting them, and how are they learning from and feeding each other? What must the response from the left, within and beyond government, be? This week on The Marc Steiner Show, as part of our ongoing collaboration with the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), we bring you a new installment of our special series on “The Rise of the Right.” With a special focus on the latest political upheaval in Brazil and Peru, Marc speaks with Latin America-based journalists Camila Escalante and Michael Fox.

Camila Escalante is the co-founder and editor of Kawsachun News. She co-hosts the English-language weekly podcast Latin America Review on Kawsachun News and is the Latin America correspondent for PressTV. Michael Fox is a freelance multimedia journalist, filmmaker, radio reporter, and former editor of NACLA. He is the host of the podcast Brazil on Fire, a joint production of NACLA and The Real News Network.

Studio/Post-Production: Cameron Granadino

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