ChatGPT creates shortcuts for students, headaches for teachers – Marketplace

You know Newton’s third law? The one that says for every action in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction? Well, the same might be said for business.

In late November, the company OpenAI launched ChatGPT, the free (at least during the current research phase) artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that has become famous — or infamous, in some circles — for its ability to quickly generate essays or any kind of writing. Now, many students are using that technology to do their homework, and school districts are seeking software to detect whether that homework has been created by AI.

One place that’s happening is Hinsdale Central High School in a suburb of Chicago. On a recent morning, students moved between classes and wished each other luck on exams. English teacher David Lange weaved around them and pointed out posters in the hallway that showcased the classics, old and new.

“‘Catch-22.’ ‘War and Peace.’ ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama. There’s my ‘Hamlet,’” Lange said.

“Hamlet” — the Shakespearean tragedy — is one of the main texts Lange assigns to seniors taking his literature course. He has them write lots of essays to help them figure out what they think about the play.

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