U.S. Elite Fear U.S. Losing Its Dominance – Global Capitalism with Richard Wolff

Democracy At Work – Jan 29, 2023

When an empire is in decline, there is a scramble for people to take and hold on to as much as they can. Prof Wolff takes a moment to explain how the last decades of redistribution of wealth to the upper class is a sign that the U.S. is “a declining empire in which those at the top (the corporate leaders, the wealthy, the political elite, working together, intermarried, and going to the same golf courses) work a good deal to shift the burden of a declining empire off of them and on to everybody else.” While it has been going on for some time, we’re reaching the limit of what is tolerable.

In the full lecture, Prof Wolff explains how this is one piece of understanding not just the military war in Ukraine, but the larger economic war between the U.S. and China. Watch the full lecture here…

Global Capitalism: The Second War In Ukraine [January 2023]: • Global Capitalism…

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