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David Cay Johnston: The Perils Of Our Growing Inequality

New Economic Thinking – Jun 1, 2014

Institute President Rob Johnson interviews David Cay Johnston about his new book, Divided: The Perils of Our Growing Inequality.

America Vs. Everyone

New Economic Thinking – Jul 7, 2021

Is China really the enemy, or are we just creating self-fulfilling prophecies?

Jeff Sachs talks with Rob Johnson about the tragedy of modern geopolitics, and how our current race to the bottom could be reversed.

Richard Dawkins and long-time rival Denis Noble go head to head on the selfish gene | Who is right?

The Institute of Art and Ideas Jan 21, 2023

Biologist Denis Noble and evolutionist Richard Dawkins clash over the selfish gene. This excerpt was taken from Dawkins re-examined, featuring Richard Dawkins and Denis Noble.

Güneş Taylor hosts.
00:00 Richard Dawkins pitches his stance on evolution and the selfish gene
01:50 Denis Noble challenges Dawkins on the process of evolution
03:55 Richard Dawkins responds

Watch the full debate at: https://iai.tv/video/the-gene-machine…
or Click Here

#IsTheSelfishGeneReal #CausalChangeInEvolution #IsDawkinsRight

Denis Noble is an Oxford Professor and one of the pioneers of Systems Biology. He developed the first viable mathematical model of the working heart in 1960. Richard Dawkins is a British evolutionary biologist and author. He is an emeritus fellow of New College, Oxford and was Professor for Public Understanding of Science at the University of Oxford from 1995 to 2008.

An atheist, he is well known for his criticism of creationism and intelligent design.

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Chomsky’s Philosophy – YouTube Channel


A collection of Noam Chomsky’s ideas and analyses.

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Noam Chomsky on Leninism

Chomsky’s Philosophy – Jul 5, 2015

Chomsky on Lenin and Leninism.

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Will Julian Assange ever be freed? | The Chris Hedges Report

The Real News Network – Jan 27, 2023



Chris Hedges speaks with film producer and brother of Julian Assange, Gabriel Shipton, on his new film about his family’s journey to get Julian freed.

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We Were Wrong about Keynes James Crotty

New Economic Thinking – Jan 10, 2023

“I discovered that the Keynes that I had been taught was not the right Keynes historically. This is one of the two or three most famous economists in history. So how could we have gotten him so wrong?”

In 2016 James Crotty (Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics, University of Massachusetts Amherst) sat down with INET for a wide ranging conversation about his life and experiences becoming a professional economist.

Learn more at https://www.ineteconomics.org/perspec…

How China’s Economy Actually Works

New Economic Thinking – Apr 21, 2021

Professor Chenggang Xu (Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business) explains what the world commonly misunderstands about Chinese economic growth and reform.

Israeli Security Cabinet approves new measures after Jerusalem attacks | DW News

DW News – Jan 29, 2023




Israeli police officers have sealed off the family home of a Palestinian who killed seven people outside a synagogue in East Jerusalem. It comes after Israel’s Security Cabinet approved new measures in response to a wave of violence in recent days. These include making it easier for Israelis to get gun licenses and stepping up efforts to collect illegal weapons. On Thursday, 9 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli raid in the occupied West Bank.

U.S. Elite Fear U.S. Losing Its Dominance – Global Capitalism with Richard Wolff

Democracy At Work – Jan 29, 2023

When an empire is in decline, there is a scramble for people to take and hold on to as much as they can. Prof Wolff takes a moment to explain how the last decades of redistribution of wealth to the upper class is a sign that the U.S. is “a declining empire in which those at the top (the corporate leaders, the wealthy, the political elite, working together, intermarried, and going to the same golf courses) work a good deal to shift the burden of a declining empire off of them and on to everybody else.” While it has been going on for some time, we’re reaching the limit of what is tolerable.

In the full lecture, Prof Wolff explains how this is one piece of understanding not just the military war in Ukraine, but the larger economic war between the U.S. and China. Watch the full lecture here…

Global Capitalism: The Second War In Ukraine [January 2023]: • Global Capitalism…