Open Restitution Africa

Open Restitution Africa

The Open Restitution Project is an Africa-led project seeking to open up access to information on restitution of African material culture and human ancestors, to empower all stakeholders involved to make knowledge-based decisions.

Why is this Necessary?

There is currently very little information available to practitioners, interested parties and the general public alike, on the current international status of restitution – debates, policy and practice. Because of this we are unable to observe objective trends, shifts and impacts, and enable more people to operate from a place of knowledge. What do we need to know?


An Introduction to Open Restitution Africa

Open Restitution Africa Aug 24, 2020

Open Restitution Africa Africa Centered, Africa led For over 150 years, African material heritage and the bones of our ancestors were taken from the continent and housed in museums across the world. Today, a conversation is happening about their return back to Africa The time is now for honest, open dialogue that centers the African experience. Transparency, access and centralized information for a knowledge centered debate on restitution of African heritage


Kenya: Awaiting the return of the Pokomo drum

DW The 77 Percent Jun 30, 2021

The sacred Ngadji drum of the Pokomo community in Kenya was taken by British colonial officers over 100 years ago and is today kept in storage in London’s British Museum. It is just one of thousands of artefacts which are now kept in museums abroad. But no one knows the exact number of missing objects, or where they are today.

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