Special Noam Chomsky Interview: Most Dangerous Point in World History?

Adil Cader Premiered Jan 18, 2023

To begin 2023, we are releasing our much anticipated and candid interview with Professor Noam Chomsky.

Talking Foreign Affairs with Adil Cader presents a rare and wide-ranging interview, where Professor Chomsky discusses being in “the most dangerous point in world history”. Topics covered include international climate action, Ukraine, NATO, China and the future of internationalism.

Interview moderated by Adil Cader.

About Our Initiative:
Talking Foreign Affairs is a non-partisan and non-profit initiative that aims to educate young people on foreign affairs and diplomacy. We interview some of the biggest thought-leaders in the world to share their perspectives.

Our guests include Presidents, Prime Ministers, Nobel Laureates, to those have led major organisations like the UN, NATO, WTO and NASA. For the latest interviews with World Leaders, subscribe to our channel: @AdilCader.

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