Climate change technology: is shading the earth too risky? [ Prof. David Keith & Harvard’s “Climate-Changing” Research]

The Economist – Apr 21, 2022

If the world is getting too hot, why not give it some shade? Solar geoengineering could halt global warming, but there are risks to this controversial technology.

00:00 – Is solar geoengineering worth the risks? 00:41 – On the frontline of climate change 01:40 – What is solar geoengineering? 02:05 – Why the Saami Council stopped a research project 03:33 – Why we need more research 05:05 – The risk of global political tension 06:12 – The risk of termination shock 07:07 – What is marine cloud brightening? 09:04 – The risk of unequal effects

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