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Davos economic forum exposes fake right-wing populists | The Mehdi Hasan Show

MSNBC Jan 19, 2023

As the world’s richest and most powerful meet in Davos, we know the damage these elites have inflicted on the world. But there’s one well-connected, billionaire-courting Ivy League lawyer who’s trying to take his fake-populist roadshow from the Florida governor’s mansion to the White House — and Mehdi is here to expose his hypocrisy. New York Times economic correspondent Peter Goodman and Vanity Fair’s Molly Jong-Fast join him to discuss.

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Why More Young Chinese Professionals Are Going to Work in Africa

Jan 19, 2023

Near record high levels of youth unemployment in China is prompting more young graduates to look abroad for work, particularly in Africa. Recruiters say they can’t find enough people to work in both private companies and Chinese state-owned enterprises as translators, accountants, and other administrative roles.

While moving so far away from home isn’t ideal for a lot of young people, it’s also hard to resist the higher salaries, generous benefits, and the adventure of living overseas, according to freelance journalist Li Yijuan for a story she wrote last month on this trend for the English-language Chinese news site Sixth Tone.

Yijuan, herself a soon-to-be young graduate, joins Eric & Cobus from the eastern Algerian city of Amenas to discuss her own experience and why Africa is becoming a popular destination for young Chinese professionals.

Chapters 0:00 Introduction 1:06 Topic introduction 3:09 Youth unemployment in Africa 4:15 Yijuan joins the conversation 5:06 Chinese youth and unemployment 6:25 Understanding Chinese education system 9:18 Why Africa? 11:13 Which countries are preferred more? 12:58 Advantages and disadvantages of work in Africa 15:29 Long-term or short-term move to Africa 17:12 Emotional impacts 18:14 More male or female 19:20 Health and other challenges 20:40 Yijuan’s experiences 25:33 Recap of the topic

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Greta and young friends at Davos

Peter Carter Jan 19, 2023

At Davos, Greta Thunberg and her friends challenge fossil fuel CEOs to stop burning up their planet. With them is Dr Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Institute at the 2023 World Economic Forum.

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How Jesus Became Widely Accepted as Being White | Unpack That

The Root Dec 13, 2018

‘Tis the season… but is white Jesus the reason?

How did Jesus’ “skin of bronze” turn into the widely revised blue-eyed, blonde hair version that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing? Find out on #UnpackThat
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Democracy Now + BBC World Service – Newshour, German police and climate protesters clash on site for new coal mining


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And consider the corporate “push-back”

These kinds of ad hominem attacks are well known tactics of those who realize that they have nothing — no scientifically based evidence — to refute the obvious evidence before them.  Instead of focusing on the message the commentators try to vilify the messenger — in this case, Al Gore, with every bit of slanderous innuendo they can muster.

At heart the problem is that it is now evident to the world that the fossilizedd fuel industry (coal, oil or “natural gas”) has no other way to try to defend their record of 50 + years of deception to their stockholders, the public and the world.  This is why they are desperately trying to make lying into an art form,  It has long been recognized by analysts of the business world that lying has become the “norm” for these industries

The wide divide between those demonstrating against the fossil fuel industries and their grip on the major governments of the world is become more and more apparent, especially as plans for the next of climate negotiations are being put in place for the COP 28 meeting in the UAE. Consider the BBC reporting on the topic:

Further, those voicing their opposition to the structure of global inequity and resource use that is driving climate change and victimizing the world’s poorest populations are not limited to the by now familiar assemblage of global environmental and climate justice NGOs.  The millionaires are seeking to be heard as well.

Furthermore, the tensions are not only confined to those addressing the very rich at the annual World Economic Forum meetings.   There are tensions within U.S. government agencies as well:


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Why rich countries should write off debt | DW News

DW News – Jan 19, 2023




UNDP chief tells DW that the rich world must become more outward-looking to achieve global recovery.

Modern temperatures in central–north Greenland warmest in past millennium | Nature


The Greenland Ice Sheet has a central role in the global climate system owing to its size, radiative effects and freshwater storage, and as a potential tipping point1. Weather stations show that the coastal regions are warming2, but the imprint of global warming in the central part of the ice sheet is unclear, owing to missing long-term observations. Current ice-core-based temperature reconstructions3,4,5 are ambiguous with respect to isolating global warming signatures from natural variability, because they are too noisy and do not include the most recent decades. By systematically redrilling ice cores, we created a high-quality reconstruction of central and north Greenland temperatures from ad 1000 until 2011. Here we show that the warming in the recent reconstructed decade exceeds the range of the pre-industrial temperature variability in the past millennium with virtual certainty (P < 0.001) and is on average 1.5 ± 0.4 degrees Celsius (1 standard error) warmer than the twentieth century. Our findings suggest that these exceptional temperatures arise from the superposition of natural variability with a long-term warming trend, apparent since ad 1800. The disproportionate warming is accompanied by enhanced Greenland meltwater run-off, implying that anthropogenic influence has also arrived in central and north Greenland, which might further accelerate the overall Greenland mass loss.

…(read more).

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New Study on Greenland Ice Melting and Condemnation for the “Big Lie” from the Fossil Fuel Special Interests from Secretary General Guterres

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Thomas Sowell Teachings Jan 4, 2023

This video unleashes the facts about the European colonization of Africa which are not mentioned in school. Watch : THE CRISES OF 1968


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Thomas Sowell is an American economist and political commentator. He has taught economics at Cornell University, the University of California, Los Angeles, and since 1980 at the Hoover Institute of Stanford University, where he is currently a Senior Research Fellow. This channel contributes to the promotion of its teachings and economic and philosophical principles.

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PBS Frontline: The Jesus Factor (2004)

FRONTLINE PBS I Non-Official Archive [CC] Jul 29, 2020

How his Christian faith plays a role in George W. Bush’s governance and how his views mirror those of America’s politically influential evangelical movement.

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