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Rain, flooding won’t end California’s drought

CBC News: The National

Jan 15, 2023

California has been inundated with rain since late December, but the state’s water shortages are not over.

Climate activists gather in Davos ahead of 2023 World Economic Forum

euronews Dec – Jan 15, 2023

As Davos braces itself for the annual World Economic Forum, climate activists have once again descended onto the Swiss village demanding governments and businesses do more to protect the environment.

California facing tenth storm system since Christmas

NBC News – Jan 15. 2023

7 million remain under flood alerts, including San Francisco. The state faces high winds and an additional one to three feet of snow. Though the system may not produce as much rain as previous storms, already saturated land is already giving way in Southern California. President Biden approved a disaster declaration for Merced, Sacramento, and Santa Cruz, as the impacts of these storms prove deadly and costly.

27 million under flood alerts across California

NBC News – Jan 14, 2023




Today, Santa Cruz county issued emergency evacuations, tweeting for Felton Grove residents to, “please leave now” as the San Lorenzo River began to quickly rise. In Salinas, people are collecting sandbags to protect their homes days after roads washed out and levees broke. Other parts of the state like Sacramento are facing prolonged power outages. Though recent floods caused a 35% drought reduction, one scientist says it’s still not enough.

The Crisis of Missing Migrants: Tens of Thousands of People Have Disappeared on Their Way to Europe

Democracy Now!

Jan 13, 2023


Twenty-four volunteer rescue workers connected to the group Emergency Response Centre International face trial for human smuggling in Greece for giving life-saving assistance to thousands of migrants, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, fleeing violence, poverty and persecution. A European Parliament report described the trial as Europe’s “largest case of criminalization of solidarity.” We’re joined by New Yorker staff writer Alexis Okeowo. Their latest piece, “The Crisis of Missing Migrants,” covers the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean and the tens of thousands of people who have gone missing en route to Europe. “It’s so inhumane, the way people are being forced to cross to Europe. And that is, by the way, because there are not safer migrant crossings. There are not more open migrant routes. We are forcing migrants to do this,” Okeowo says.