Hannah Ryder on What to Expect This Year in China-Africa Relations

The China-Global South Project (CGSP)

Jan 12, 2023

Qin Gang is carrying on a 33-year-old tradition by making Africa the first official visit of the new year for China’s foreign minister. Qin took office just two weeks ago and is new to African affairs, so this week’s five-nation tour is more about him and his hosts getting to know one another than engaging in substantive policy discussions.

But the tour comes at a critical juncture for China’s engagement on the continent. Chinese lending to African countries is down, great power competition is up and there’s a new foreign policy team in Beijing that appears more focused on the U.S. and Europe than Global South regions including Africa.

Hannah Ryder, CEO of the development consultancy Development Reimagined, isn’t worried. She joins Eric & Cobus this week to explain why she’s optimistic about this year’s prospects for Chinese engagement in Africa.

Chapters 0:00 Ads then Intro to the episode 2:22 Qin Gang Africa Visit 6:08 Introducing today’s guest Hannah Ryder 7:49 What is the significance of Qin Gang visit to Africa? 10:58 Debt restructuring talks in 2023 14:26 Where does Africa get debt if China reduces the lending? 17:14 What is debt sustainable threshold? 22:22 How will the borrowers club work? 26:59 Update on China-Africa trade engagements 30:42 China-Africa trade imbalance 35:18 How does Africa start doing manufacturing? 38:17 New actors in China-Africa relations 44:26 Africa capacity in working with China 50:07 A recap of the conversation

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