Canadian Association for the Club of Rome (CACOR)

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About the Club

The Canadian Association for the Club of Rome (CACOR) was founded in 1970 as one of the first of now more than thirty national associations affiliated with the International Club of Rome. CACOR is autonomous, independent, and nonpartisan. Its main objective is to further the sustainability of the global ecosystem including the survival of humanity.
Purpose and Objectives

Promote Knowledge and understanding: among all segments of the Canadian public on the nature of world problems and the need to develop new policies, attitudes, and courses of action.

Find solutions: CACOR is a catalyst for study and research into problems of human well-being and future survival. Its focus is on the interactions and interdependence of social, economic, technological, and environmental components of global and local problems. The objective is to help define alternative ways to meet critical needs at all scales.

Focus on Canada within the international context: CACOR concentrates on Canada’s situation relative to global problems and solutions. It seeks to be a catalyst for the development of Canadian solutions and to advancing Canada’s contribution to the sustainability of humanity on the planet.

CACOR and its members and associates pursue a range of activities related to implementation of the purpose and objectives of CACOR. These include regular meetings where distinguished experts and thinkers address aspects of the global problematique and potential solutions, discussion groups on specific issues of interest to members, partnering other organizations who have similar goals in staging events, sponsoring publications on key issues and undertaking active lobbying and interventions aimed at getting better information and science and systematic thinking into the decision process–from international to local. CACOR also maintains a website designed to be a resource for those who are interested in access to information and informed discussion on global issues and local and national implications.
CACOR’s Vision is that:

CACOR members in Canada and beyond contribute to restoring and sustaining the natural systems of the planet and the welfare of humankind within them.
CACOR’s Mission is to:

Promote analysis and discussion of important issues related to the sustainability of humanity and the planet, and to take action to address key problems and their interdependence within Canada and beyond.
Encourage a systematic and integrated approach to issues and their solutions, combining social, ecological, and economic considerations at all levels of individual behaviour and governance.
Engage the public and decision-makers on key global and Canadian issues by encouraging members to speak to the public good individually and collectively; informing and motivating citizens and decision-makers to take action to limit, stabilize, and reverse demands on local ecosystems and the global ecosystem.
Provide a forum and means to facilitate members’ contributions to the global and Canadian work of the Club of Rome through on-going activities, which mobilize members and others to work with CACOR on key issues.


The postings on this website are provided for the interest of CACOR members and are not an endorsement of any agency, political party, product, technology or policy. The views expressed are the views of authors and not those of the Canadian Association for the Club of Rome.

Actively engaged on key global and Canadian issues to motivate citizens and decision-makers to take action to limit, stabilize, and reverse demands on both the local and the global ecosystems.

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