Balliol is an academic community which exists to promote excellence in learning and to encourage scholarship and research at the very highest levels. Founded in 1263, it is one of the oldest colleges within the University of Oxford. It is also one of the largest, with about 370 undergraduates and a nearly equal number of graduate students. Balliol has a long history of being open to all on merit, and we welcome applications from students from any background and from anywhere in the world.

The Institute for Transition Studies – ITS has been created by Balliol students, dons and alumni to share information, research, opinions and personal reflections on the current transition of global civilization from its dependence upon fossilized photosynthate toward a just and solar-sustainable future on this small, blue planet — the only life-supporting sphere in the known universe.

[Nota Bene. This weblog posting is a provisional “proof-of-concept” page.  It is intended to test the mechanisms of connectivity and the trans-institutional, trans-national and trans-generational exchange of ideas concerning human survival in a complex ecosystem.  It began with trans-Atlantic, student experimental exchanges in learning about global climate change when it became evident to Greta Thunberg and hundreds of millions of others that established institutions could not cope with the transformations in conscious now required for human survival.  It is expected that the content of this page will evolve repeatedly as the ITS-Balliol group joins with other ITS groups emerging around the world (ITS-Cambridge, ITS-Harvard, ITS Yale, etc).]

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