6 ways to protect mountain agrobiodiversity

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Dec 10, 2022

Mountains cover around 27% of the Earth’s land surface and attract 15-20% of global tourism. But they are more than just scenic destinations. Mountains offer food, medicine and valuable ecosystem services, and they also regulate the climate. Many of the world’s most important crops and livestock species originate in mountains. The agrobiodiversity mountains provide is key to achieving sustainable agrifood systems. But mountains and their agrobiodiversity are threatened by climate change, land degradation and natural disasters. 6 actions countries can take to help protect mountains and their agrobiodiversity from these threats:

1. Increase investments in research and sound data collection to understand changes in mountain regions.

2. Enhance local capacities to protect biodiversity in mountains.

3. Reduce threats and boost the resilience of mountain ecosystems and dependent communities.

4. Engage with conventions, networks and movements to advocate for mountains and their communities.

5. Support sustainable agriculture in mountains to reverse trends that cause agrobiodiversity loss.

6. Promote indigenous knowledge and its role in maintaining mountain biodiversity and agroecosystems as well as in improving food security and livelihoods.

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