Understanding Cameroon’s Crisis of Governance – Christopher Fomunyoh

Africa Center for Strategic Studies – Dec 11, 2017

Cameroon’s two-year-old national crisis threatens the country’s very foundations. Christopher Fomunyoh speaks to an audience of African security professionals at a program hosted by the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, discussing the nature and causes of the grievances that brought this crisis to a head, as well as recommendations for addressing them.

CHAPTERS 2:49 – Overview of the Crisis 5:33

– History of Anglophone Marginalization in Cameroon 13:58

– The Role of Regional and Continental Bodies 17:36
– Conflict Patterns 19:11
– Different Approaches to the Crisis 22:43
– “How Do We Get Out of This?”:

5 Recommendations Since October 2016, Cameroon has been dealing with a national crisis, one which threatens the foundation on which the country was built. There are two parallel tracks leading to the current crisis: At first, there were grievances from various sectors, notably teachers and lawyers in the Anglophone region. Because of how the crisis at that stage was managed, these grievances morphed into more serious political grievances that call into question the very existence of the republic of Cameroon. There is a lot of confusion about the nature and causes of the crisis, and the depth of the grievances people hold. Left unaddressed, these grievances will only cause the crisis to resurface. If you found this video useful, please let us know by clicking “Like”.

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