We Found the MOST IMPORTANT Storm Chaser Footage of 2022

PBS Terra – Nov 29, 2022

Go to: http://to.pbs.org/2022Survey to fill out the Annual Survey. PBS Member Stations rely on viewers like you. To support your local station, go to: http://to.pbs.org/DonateTerra. Global sea level is rising at about 0.14 inches per year. This gradual change may seem small until something catastrophic happens. That’s what happened when category 4 hurricane Ian made landfall at Fort Myers on September 28, 2022, bringing with it some 15 feet of storm surge. Believe it or not, we didn’t really understand what caused storm surge until recently. Meteorologists used to believe that it was essentially a storm’s wind speed that was mostly behind the influx of saltwater onto land. But since hurricane Katrina in 2005 we’ve learned that there are many factors at play, including storm size, direction, and speed as well as the offshore bathymetry. As our seas rise and hurricanes get stronger, it is important that we understand more about storm surge – the most dangerous part of a hurricane. In this episode of Weathered we tell the story behind the best video we’ve ever seen of storm surge – or any storm footage for that matter – captured by storm chaser Max Olson’s probe. And we’ll tell you why it matters. Weathered is a show hosted by weather expert Maiya May and produced by Balance Media that helps explain the most common natural disasters, what causes them, how they’re changing, and what we can do to prepare. Storm surge animations by Bureau of Meteorology, Australia and by the NCAR GIS Program.

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