“You are being lied to…” [CASSE & the Steady State Economy]

Every day we see the loss of our country’s most valuable resources. Our fragile waterways, greenspaces, and wildlife are being destroyed and disrupted for the sake of a lie

The reason for the destruction of these precious gifts is our country’s commitment to an irrational belief that the growth of our gross domestic product (GDP) is still a good idea in the 21st century. A belief that GDP growth is the measure of success—for society and us as individuals.

This falsehood has become even more insidious because the lie has become the accepted truth by all levels of government from federal to municipal.

CASSE’s Keep our Counties Great campaign is about exposing this lie at the county level. We want to weed out the GDP lie in the pro-growth plans of county governments and educate elected representatives to the realities and potential of the steady state economy.

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