Grantham Annual Lecture 2022: The ever-growing climate movement: Culture, creativity and climate

Grantham Imperial – Nov 24, 2022

Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing culture today. Performing arts, social practices, festive events and traditional knowledge are all vulnerable on our changing planet. But cultural influence also holds the key to perceiving the challenges of climate change and coalescing around solutions.

Despite the power of the creative industries to explore uncertainty or inspire change, the cultural sector is largely absent from scientists’, governments’ and policymakers’ discussions on climate change. Cultural solutions are not systematically integrated into the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Paris Agreement, or IPCC Assessment Reports. However, it is stories and narratives, rather than raw information, that motivate or demotivate climate action. Creativity itself is essential for finding new solutions to environmental challenges and a great space exists for creatives themselves to step up.

This event will begin with a keynote speech from Brian Eno, a highly influential musician, producer, visual artist and activist who as a co-founder of EarthPercent is reforming the music industry’s action towards climate change. This will be followed by a panel discussion that will include other artists and creators of culture, chaired by Baroness Lola Young, British actress, author, political and sustainable fashion activist and Chancellor of the University of Nottingham. The panel will discuss how culture can shape collective mobilisation, individual behaviour-change and action in tackling climate change in our modern world.

Keynote address:
– Brian Eno, musician, producer, visual artist and activist

Panel discussion alongside Brian Eno:
– Nilesha Chauvet, Managing Director, GOOD Agency
– Jason deCaires Taylor, Sculptor and creator of the world’s first underwater sculpture park
– Carly McLachlan, Professor of Climate and Energy Policy, University of Manchester

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