BBC World Service – The Inquiry, Can we control the weather?

This summer, countries across the world have experienced extreme weather events.

Flash floods have killed people in South Korea, Uganda, Australia and the US state of Kentucky, and heatwaves have broken records across Western Europe, North America and Japan.

However, countries across the world are developing ways to try to tame the weather. China, the UAE and the USA are at the forefront of research into methods of producing rain in drought-stricken areas.

And some scientists are thinking even bigger; investigating technologies which could cool the entire planet.

This week, the Inquiry asks: Can we control the weather?

Dr Rob Thompson, University of Reading
Professor Katja Friedrich, University of Colorado, Boulder
Professor David Keith, Harvard University
Professor Elizabeth Chalecki, University of Nebraska Omaha

Presenter: Charmaine Cozier
Producer: Ravi Naik
Researchers: Anoushka Mutanda-Dougherty and Christopher Blake
Technical producer: Nicky Edwards
Broadcast coordinator: Brenda Brown

Image: Hands cradling a lightning storm (Credit: Getty Images)

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