Economics of fossil fuel and climate

Oct 31

International Conference on Fossil Fuel Supply and Climate Policy, hosted by Stockholm Environment Institute

27 September 2022–The Queen’s College, Oxford, UK

Session: Economics of fossil fuel and climate

Moderator: Richard Denniss, The Australia Institute

Panellists: Mark Campanale and Mike Coffin, Carbon Tracker Initiative–The critical path to net zero Ingrid Udd Sundvor, Oxford University–Using the carbon takeback obligation to help phase out fossil energy production Lennart Stern, Paris School of Economics–Proportionally matching voluntary contributions to institutions rewarding countries for reducing the supply and the demand of coal and oil Iain Steel, Econias (UK)–So you want to quit producing fossil fuels? Putting the manage in “managed decline” Klaus Eisenack, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin–Buy coal and gas? Interfuel carbon leakage on deposit markets with market power

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