Oath Keepers Leader On Trial Says Group ‘Should Have Brought Rifles’ On Jan. 6

Oct 5, 2022

As Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes is on trial for seditious conspiracy, newly unveiled audio tape evidence reveals he said his “only regret” was that the group “should have brought rifles” on Jan. 6. Additional audio published by NBC indicates Rhodes appeared to be focused on providing legal cover for Oath Keepers, saying they would be “awaiting the President’s orders… because that gives you legal cover.” The Guardian’s Hugo Lowell and NYU Law professor Melissa Murray join on the newly released evidence, including a photograph of Oath Keepers in tactical gear in front of the Capitol in 2020. Murray adding that this may aid the government’s conspiracy argument. “Here you have this photograph of these individuals in tactical gear on the brink of the Capitol months before… it looks like planning.”

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