A Critical Re-examination of Portolan Charts with a Reassessment of Their Replication and Seaboard Function | Tony Campbell | Copyright © 2011-2022

~ An extended essay on the origin of the portolan chart
~ Cartographic innovations by the early portolan chartmakers (and subsequent developments)
~ An extended essay on the dating of the Carte Pisane and the earliest history of the portolan charts,
combined with a comprehensive toponymic listing
~ Corrections and additions to the 1986 Census and the chapter in the History of Cartography (1987)
~ A detailed study of the colours and shapes used for islands and estuaries, leading to a wide range of
new conclusions about consistency, ‘accuracy’, attributions and workshop practice
~ A previously unpublished toponymic analysis over four centuries
~ Analysis of the work of Grazioso Benincasa
~ A comprehensive post-1986 bibliography

Tony Campbell | Copyright © 2011-2022

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