UN International Day of Older Persons 2022 | United Nations

Oct 3, 2022

UNIDOP 2022 is a call to action and opportunity, with globally representative older women, parliamentarians, and United Nations representatives offering multistakeholders dialogue on the resilience of living through and responding to climate disaster, conflict, or pandemic, experiencing and managing the physical and emotional disruption to losses of family, income, and social connectedness.

Panels will highlight relevant actions that include efforts toward inclusion of older persons, in particular older women, the protection of their human rights, and enabling the full and equal participation of older persons, in particular older women, in decision-making at all levels.

Objectives of UNIDOP 2022 New York Commemoration:

To highlight the resilience of older women in the face of socioeconomic, environmental, health and lifelong inequities. To raise awareness of the importance of improving world-wide age- and gender-sensitive data collection and analysis in order to provide essential evidence for effective policies. To call on Member States, United Nations Funds, Programmes, Specialized Agencies and other United Nations entities, as well as civil society to include older women in the center of all policies, ensuring gender equality, as described in Our Common Agenda; which represents the Secretary-General’s vision on the future of global cooperation. The event is co-organized by the Permanent Mission of Argentina, the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) and the NGO Committee on Ageing.

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