1635 – Dutch Map of Africa, Brazil and the Atlantic

[Afriterra – map 191]

Year Of Origin: 1635

Publish Of Origin: Amsterdam

Language: Dutch

Creators,Cartographers: Jacob Aertz Colom

source Arkway; This earlier rare map was re-engraved for the later 1654 “Zee-Atlas Ofte Water-Wereldt” as one of the largest format sea-atlases published in Amsterdam of the period, and also one of the scarcest. That Colom’s sea atlas and his other cartographic ventures were not successful would seem to be confirmed also by the fact that Colom fell heavily in arrears with his rent. In a notarial act of 1663, Colom gave his landlord, another prominent cartographic publisher Nicolaas Visscher (II), security for the debt, which included the eighteen printing plates for the Zee-Atlas. It would appear that Colom died, in 1668, without redeeming the plates, for no later editions by him are known. Visscher apparently sold the plates to Hendrick Doncker Sr., who re-issued the plates under his own imprint in 1675. Doncker’s re-issued plates are also quite rare, as Doncker soon moved on to use a smaller format set of maps for his more commercially successful atlases of the 1680s.

Last updated: Nov 30, 2017

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