Vanuatu becomes first country to call for global treaty to phase out fossil fuels at UNGA

Guardian News – Sep 24, 2022

The president of the Pacific island of Vanuatu has become the first head of state to make a call for a global treaty to phase out the use of fossil fuels. ‘We call for the development of a fossil fuel nonproliferation treaty to phase down coal, oil and gas production in line with 1.5 degrees Celsius,’ said Vanuatuan president Nikenike Vurobaravu on Friday.

The vulnerable island state has led global diplomatic efforts for urgent steps to be taken to reverse climate change. Vurobaravu also urged countries to join his attempt to include the crime of ecocide in the Rome Statutes. Vanuatu, a carbon-negative archipelago of about 80 islands, has attempted to lead by example in its efforts to reduce fossil fuel dependency, setting itself a target to completely stop use by 2030. The island state is rated one of the most at-risk countries for natural disasters by the UN

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