Reforestation Solution: Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration

Forum Network – Sep 23, 2022

Tony Rinaudo is an Australian agronomist, who is widely known as the “forest maker.” Having lived and worked in African countries for many decades, he has discovered and put in practice a solution to the extreme deforestation and desertification of the Sahel region.

Using an elegantly simple set of management practices, farmers can grow new trees quickly by utilizing the root systems beneath existing tree stumps. He will describe the path to this solution to land degradation and the history, development and impact of the global movement called Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration. The work he began in Niger in 1983 has now been linked to the regrowth of 200 million trees on five million hectares of degraded farmland in Niger alone.

More than an effective, low cost, rapid and scalable method of land and environmental restoration, FMNR is restoring livelihoods and food security across tens of thousands of communities and in the process, restoring hope.

Environmental journalist Judith D. Schwartz joins Tony in this conversation.

Contents of the video —-
0:00:00 – Introduction
0:00:27 – Program Starts
0:03:20 – Welcome Judith Schwartz
0:06:56 – Tony Rinaudo Presentation
0:33:25 – Discussion and Q&A
1:07:41 – Concluding Remarks

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