Category 5 Typhoon Noru still intensifying | Ian a hurricane threat | Force Thirteen Live

Force Thirteen– Started streaming 2 hours ago

Typhoon Noru (Philippine name Karding) rapidly intensified overnight, and is now a Category 5 storm as it approaches central Luzon. Catastrophic damage is possible on Polillo island, southern Aurora, and northern Quezon as the powerful typhoon moves ashore later today. The storm will naturally weaken over land and is likely to claim back some of its strength over the south China Sea later in the week. In the Atlantic, the National Hurricane Center are now expecting Tropical Storm Ian to reach Category 4 intensity as it enters the Gulf of Mexico through the Yucatan Channel in the middle of this coming week, and is poised to make a devastating landfall somewhere in the eastern Gulf late next week. Severe impacts cannot be ruled out anywhere along the western coast of Florida at this time.

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