Earth Under Water – Documentary (on changing sea-levels)

Changing sea-levels are a fact of Earth history, but prior to the industrial revolution and the accelerated contribution of greenhouse gases to Earth’s atmosphere, these changes in sea-level have occurred over thousands or tens of thousands of years.

The positioning of coral reefs and coral limestone deposits have been an indicator of some of the most dramatic shifts in sea-level in the past, correlated with the periodic procession and recession of continental ice-sheets in the northern hemisphere.

Note, for example, the case of the coral reefs in and around Miami, Florida, which indicate that sea-level has been relatively stable world-wide for the last four to six thousand years in Earth history.

View the full documentary to see why scientists now think this rate of sea-level change is likely to accelerate because of the increased concentrations of atmospheric carbon.

Documentary Channel– May 16, 2015

“Earth Under Water – Documentary”

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